New to giving?

We believe Jesus taught us to be generous, generous with our time, talents and personal finances. We want your giving to be an opportunity for you to exercise your faith, so if you have never given before you might be inclined to start at a smaller percentage which is exciting, its a beautiful beginning and we are thankful!  God has and will continue to bless Remix in all areas, we are confident of that and we look forward to hearing your stories on how God has blessed you with your faithfulness. 


Here is how you can support Remix


This link will send you to the conference online giving site:

Go Now!  


Online pay / Bills / Send to:

  Remix Adventist Church P.O.Box 66566, Portland OR 97290


Envelopes Provided

  In church, in the back of each chair you will find the envelopes 

Here is how money is distributed at Remix

All "Tithing" goes directly to the Seventh Day Adventist Conference, these donations do not stay at Remix.  They are used by the SDA conference to spread the word and meeting physical needs by supporting relief organizations (ADRA), Radio broadcasting and many other important tasks. 


The loose offering that is not in an offering envelope stays in Remix every other Sabbath, this will be posted on the screen to let you know where it will go.

When you select "Church Budget" - Remix ministries (Children's, Evangelism, Video media, etc.) and house needs are paid for (ex. Rent, subsidy, etc).  

Here is a list of the different ministries that you can specifically support, please write on envelope, select online or "memo" (this is noted on your check) this on your online Paybills.  The ministries that are funded by Church Budget will have an * but you are still welcome to donate to these.

2015 Brazil Missionary Trip
Building Fund*
Children's Ministry*
Church Meals*
Community Service*
Leadership Development*
Media Ministry*
Music Ministry*
Remix Family Need
Sabbath School*
Student Aid*
Teen Ministry
Teen Downstairs Remodel (assist our host church, Discovery church with a remodel of their downstairs)

Thank you for supporting the vision of Remix: 

"A place where all are found in the (503)"