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Being heard and understood are some of the basic necessities in life. Even though most of us seem to be surrounded by people, loneliness is way too common. Our vision is to become a place where all are found and in order for us to accomplish our vision we want to provide places where people can be accepted, listened to and served. 

Each of our home communities have the purpose of giving each member the opportunity to:


There are many people just like you with the need of fellowship and community. Our home communities are designed for you to connect with other people in your area. We also strive to create a safe environment where you can connect or reconnect with God through prayer and the study of Scriptures.


Have you noticed that the best way to have fun is with company? Every time god answers a prayer,every time you overcome an obstacle or reach a milestone we want to celebrate it together.


There are so many people that are in need. Maybe it is hard to meet the needs of other while we do it individually but there is strength in serving together. We want to accept the challenge of service those arounds us and really making a difference.

It is easy and simple to register for a Home Community near you. 

 Pick the one closest to your home and register. You will receive an address, time and contact info for a Home Community near you!  

october, 2017

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